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Institute for Cultural Interaction Studies, Kansai University

News and Topics

▼2011/12/20 UP
The 33th ICIS Faculty Seminar was held

We held the 33th ICIS Faculty Seminar as follows:
Time: December 15, 2011
Place: Ibunkan Fourth Floor, Joint Research/Seminar Room, 41

Lecture 1
Title: 200年をくぐりぬけた21世紀中国——国家正統性の再構築に関連して―
(China Through the Last Two Hundred Years: The Reconstruction of the Nation State and its Legitimacy)
Lecturer: Nishimura Shigeo (Professor at the Open University of Japan, Professor Emeritus at Osaka University)

Lecture 2
Title: 長いスパンで歴史を考える――溝口雄三氏の中国思想史研究を手がかりとして(Considering History As Long Spans: Mizoguchi Yūzō’s Research in Chinese Ideology)
Lecturer: Sun Ge (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Kyoto University)

A total of 30 ICIS members and graduate students in the Cultural Interaction Studies Major participated in the seminar.


Sun Sun