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Institute for Cultural Interaction Studies, Kansai University

News and Topics

▼2011/07/28 UP
The 32th ICIS Faculty Seminar was held

We held the 32th ICIS Faculty Seminar as follows:
Time: July 1, 2011
Place: Seminar Room, 4th floor of IBUNKAN

Lecturer: ZHOU Weihong(北京日本学研究センター教授・中国日本史学会副会長)
(Professor, the Beijing Center for Japanese Studies; Vice President of Chinese Society for Japanese History)
Title: 日本人のアジア観の変遷およびその外交に及ぼした影響
(The Changes of Japanese Perspectives of Asia and the influence on Diplomacy)

A total of 30 ICIS members and graduate students in the Cultural Interaction Studies Major participated in the seminar.
Prof. ZHOUProf. ZHOU