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Institute for Cultural Interaction Studies, Kansai University

News and Topics

▼2010/11/25 UP
The 28th ICIS Faculty Seminar was held

We held the 28th ICIS Faculty Seminar as follows: Date: November 15, 2010 Place: Seminar Room, 4th floor of IBUNKAN

Lecture 1
Lecturer: Nakayama Kei(中山圭), Curator, Amakusa City (天草市教育委員会教育部文化 課学芸員)
Titile: 天草における交流―陶磁器を中心に―(Exchanges in the Amakusa Region: Focusing on Ceramic pottery)

Lecture 2
Lecturer: Nishino Noriko(西野範子), Vice Director, Foundation to Safeguard the Underground Cultural Heritage in Southeast Asia (NPO東南アジア埋蔵文化保護基金副代 表)
Title: 14世紀から16世紀における九州出土のベトナム陶磁の分析とその意味づけ (Analyzing Vietnamese Ceramics of the 14 th -16 th century, unearthed in Kyushu, and Their Significance)

Lecture 3
Lecturer: Hashiguchi Wataru(橋口亘), Curator, Minami Satsuma City(南さつま市教育 委員会坊津歴史資料センター輝津館学芸員)
Title: 南九州の東南アジア陶磁の出土様相(How were Ceramics from Southeast Asia Unearthed in Southern Kyushu)
A total of 35 ICIS members and graduate students in the Cultural Interaction Studies Major participated in the seminar.