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Institute for Cultural Interaction Studies, Kansai University

Entry to Cultural Interaction Studies Program
(result) Numbers to be accepted: 6 (doctoral program) 12(master's program)

時期 分類 人数
Spring 2008 Doctoral Program 6
Spring 2008 Master's Program 10
Fall 2008 Doctoral Program 0
Fall 2008 Master's Program 3
Spring 2009 Doctoral Program 8
Spring 2009 Master's Program 3
Fall 2010 Doctoral Program 4
Fall 2010 Master's Program 1
Spring 2010 Doctoral Program 6
Spring 2010 Master's Program 8

    Doctoral students can receive scholarship valued at tuition, and masters students can receive half amount of tuition.
    Doctoral students can be hired as COE-RA. Some of master's program students also can be hired as COE-JA by selection. COE-RA and COE-JA can devote themselves and contribute to their research, while taking classes of graduate schools.

Graduate school (admission Info)

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