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Global COE Program

Global COE Program    COE is an abbreviation for “Center of Excellence,” and refers to excelling research departments. As the core of the university reform assistance measure offered by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, “21st Century COE Program” was launched in fiscal 2002 with the goal of the formation of academic departments that are internationally competitive and fulfill the highest global standards. The “Global COE Program” was initiated in fiscal 2007 as a successive project. This project aims to “achieve a higher level in the enrichment and enhancement of the education and research functionality of graduate schools and cultivate a creative workforce to lead the world under a research foundation of the highest global standard, and to support these goals aid shall be provided focusing on the formation of internationally excelling education and research departments, and internationally competitive university planning shall be promoted.” Kansai University applied for “Formation of Education and Research Departments for East Asian Cultural Interaction Studies,” and was selected in the humanities studies field. The Cultural Interaction Studies Major and East Asia Cultural Interaction Studies majors launched in the 2008 academic year make up an organization which takes on cultivation of the workforce as per the COE program, and the department is one of the two departments out of the 12 departments selected in the field of humanities studies which received a particularly high evaluation and is thus targeted for special budget allocation.

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